Monday, December 6, 2010

Wonder Girls

I'm very proud with the metal effects in this manip, but I have to admit that I had help from Android, a great artist at Heromorph, this pic was made by several base pics, WW body is from one pic, her head is from another pic, and WG's face and body too.

If you want to see the before and after for this pic go to Heromorph and become a gold member (the link is below)


This was made for a secret santa contest at heromorph.

Every time I start a project I spend hours looking for the right girl for my manip, and this time I found the right girl but her pose was wrong, so I did use of my little frankensteining skills to twitch the pic (and I twitched it a lot).

I did a litlle details based on the spiderwoman's costume in Marvel Utimates Alliance 2 game.